Treatment Programs & Levels of Care

Centerpointe Community Based Services offers a vast array of programming options that are designed to help families who are in need of outside support address the challenges they’re facing.

Foster Family Support Services

Foster family support services provides case management for youth and their foster families. Included in these case management services are the following:

    • Parent and child development education
    • Family communication training
    • Crisis support
    • Community services/referrals and follow-up

Diagnostic & Evaluation Services

Diagnostic and evaluation services include specialized psychosexual assessments for youth who have a history of sexually harmful behaviors and/or who have been the victim of sexual abuse. Centerpointe offers a Clinical Interview Assessment for youth and adults in need of a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Clinical Interview Assessments are reviewed and approved by an HSPP. A Trauma Assessment is offered to youth and adults with an identified history of trauma and for youth with sexually reactive behaviors. Centerpointe also provides Domestic Violence Assessment for the survivors.

Domestic Violence Survivor Services

Domestic Violence Survivor services include individual and family therapy only with the survivors of domestic violence by providing education on domestic violence, parent education, safety planning, crisis support, and child developmental. Educational and support group therapy is also offered for the adult survivor and for the children survivors.

Case Management Services

Case management services are available for any client who needs to address skills in the following: parenting, behavior management, increase self-esteem and self-efficacy, problem-solving, pro-social involvement, scholastic issues, employment, housing, and healthy socialization.

Mentoring/Direct Care Services

Mentoring/Direct Care services include managing client’s behaviors at home, community, and school. Mentors/Direct Care staff are trained to de-escalate problematic behaviors, work closely with a team in monitoring behaviors and supporting clients, and model healthy relationships.

I always felt so misunderstood, but at Resource it was like someone finally took the time to get to know me. That made a huge difference. This place helped me so much.