At Resource Treatment Center, we diligently work to build on the already-existing strengths of the youth who take part in our programs and services, while offering guidance and assistance towards living an autonomous life.

Who We Treat

Resource Treatment Facility provides mental health and psychiatric treatment services for males and females, ages 11 to 21 (age range may vary depending on the unit or program), who are struggling with emotional and behavioral impairments that are severe enough that they require a structured setting. Upon arrival each patient will complete an inpatient evaluation to determine if we will be able to meet their individual treatment needs. Below are our admission criteria and exclusionary criteria.

Admissions Criteria

  • IQ above 70
  • Axis I diagnosis, dual diagnosis
  • History of neglect
  • History of abuse (sexual, physical, and/or emotional)
  • Trauma
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviors
  • Legal issues
  • School issues
  • Running away
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-mutilation
  • Suicidal ideas and attempts in the past
  • Medical issues that are not severe
  • Must be at least in 6th grade

Exclusionary Criteria

  • IQ below 70
  • Too aggressive
  • Too young (younger than 11 on PRTF and/or current age range on the unit)
  • Too old (older than current age range on unit)
  • Currently homicidal
  • Currently suicidal
  • Pregnant
  • Severe medical issues
  • Is currently in treatment
  • Currently refusing to take medication
  • Maximized treatment in prior stay with us
  • Language barriers
  • Below 6th grade

For More Information

If we are unable to meet your treatment needs we will provide you with referrals for other treatment centers that will be able to better address your treatment concerns.

I always felt so misunderstood, but at Resource it was like someone finally took the time to get to know me. That made a huge difference. This place helped me so much.