Sexually Maladaptive Behaviors Program

When young people engage in sexually maladaptive behaviors, they can harm the well-being of themselves and others and negatively impact their future success. If a young person is struggling with sexually harmful behaviors, it can be vital to find the right therapeutic support to help them forge a path to a healthier future.  

At Resource Treatment Center, we provide a residential program that is designed for adolescent boys and young adult men ages 11-20 who have sexually maladaptive behaviors and need intensive support. In our specialized program, we focus on addressing each young person’s unique needs and helping them develop skills that can support a healthy and independent life. 

About Our Indiana Residential Program for Sexually Maladaptive Behaviors

The sexually maladaptive behaviors program at Resource offers a safe and encouraging environment where true healing and positive change can take place. We offer two units, Serenity and Inspire, for residents of this specialty program. Adolescent boys and young men who take part in this program can benefit from personalized services, evidence-based therapies, and compassionate care in a focused residential setting.  

Our residential facility is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, close to the downtown area and just 20 minutes by car from Indianapolis International Airport. We’re proud to provide male youths and young adults from across Indiana as well as those from out of state with clinically excellent care for sexually maladaptive behaviors. 

At Resource, we provide individualized care that focuses on specific areas of importance for each resident. We create a personalized care plan for each person in our sexually maladaptive behaviors program, helping to ensure that they have the therapeutic resources they need to succeed. The foundational elements of our programming for sexually maladaptive behaviors include: 

  • Individual therapy: Residents typically participate in individual therapy once or twice a week, depending on their needs.  
  • Family therapy: We typically offer family therapy about once every two weeks for residents. 
  • Group therapy: We offer group sessions every weekday. These groups incorporate evidence-based modalities and can allow residents to engage in learning, skill development, and goal setting.  
  • Medication management services: Our psychiatric and nursing staff delivers medication management services for residents who are taking medications as part of their care plans. 
  • Basic medical care: Our medical staff provides basic medical services at a frequency that is based on residents’ individual needs.  
  • On-site schooling: We deliver accredited academic programming to help ensure that students don’t fall behind in their studies while they are working toward their therapeutic goals.  

At Resource, we offer a supportive admissions process to help families determine whether our residential program for sexually maladaptive behaviors is right for their loved one. Our goal is to ensure that each adolescent boy or young man who joins our program can benefit from the focused and personalized services we provide. 

Benefits of Residential Treatment for Sexually Maladaptive Behaviors

Making the decision to seek care for a young person who is engaging in sexually harmful behavior can be challenging and stressful. But it can lead to many life-changing benefits for the young person who is struggling. When youths who have sexually maladaptive behaviors receive effective support that fits their needs, they can begin to change their behaviors, develop healthy coping skills, and accept responsibility for any harm they have caused. 

In a safe and secure residential setting like the one we offer at Resource, youths can find respite from the challenges and stressors of everyday life. In this supervised and supportive atmosphere, they can focus on healing and finding healthy ways to move forward in their lives. Residential care can also strengthen the family unit by helping residents develop tools and strategies to facilitate healthy interactions that support long-term healing.  

In our specialized residential program in Indiana, we help adolescent boys and young men ages 11-20 as they work to heal from challenges they’ve faced and discover brighter futures. Specific benefits of receiving care in our sexually maladaptive behaviors program may include: 

  • Developing better problem-solving abilities 
  • Learning communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Developing life skills 
  • Receiving trauma-informed support 

Residents in our program for sexually maladaptive behaviors work with master’s-level therapists who are credentialed sexually abusive youth clinicians (CSAYCs). We encourage all youths in our program to take an active role in the treatment process so that they can develop the strategies they need to be successful. In our program, we dedicate our efforts to helping each resident reach their full potential by using the abilities and positive qualities they already have. We offer expert guidance to help each young person move toward living an autonomous and socially responsible life. 

Safe, Supportive Therapeutic Environment

If you choose our sexually maladaptive behaviors program for your loved one, we will make it our mission to support and champion their success, with the goal of helping them build a healthy and happy life. We understand that many young people who participate in our residential program for sexually maladaptive behaviors have struggled with emotional and behavioral health challenges that have disrupted their lives. We aim to provide the highest levels of quality care to help each young person successfully reintegrate into community life. We strive to act compassionately in all we do, believing that our residents can find healing with the right support. 

Our residential facility, which is located in the historic Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis, features a committed and skilled team of professionals who provide superior residential care. Young people in our sexually maladaptive behaviors program may work with a variety of professionals, including psychiatrists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, licensed clinical social workers, and other experts. Our staff strives to be attentive and approachable to help residents and families achieve their goals.  

Empowering Programming

In our program for male youths who have sexually maladaptive behaviors, we provide care that combines a range of evidence-based therapies. The evidence-based therapeutic interventions we may incorporate into your loved one’s care plan include: 

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) 
  • Motivational interviewing 
  • Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) 
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) 

Our residential facility employs a team of qualified therapists and credentialed sexual abuse youth clinicians (CSAYCs) who are specially trained in providing the above therapies. 

. We ensure that each resident participates in the types of therapies that can work best for their individual needs.  

Your loved one’s care plan may also include recreational therapy, skills development, and client-centered therapy to help them navigate their personal path to better well-being. We believe in offering a variety of therapeutic modalities to promote meaningful progress and success for each resident. 

Additionally, we’ve designed our residential programming around a phase system. This approach can help young people gradually build on their progress as they move through their residential experience. Residents usually start by working with staff to identify the reasons they entered residential care. The next phase involves the youth acquiring new skills and gaining a deeper understanding of how to apply this knowledge to their life. The third phase involves the young person using and applying their newly acquired skills, while the fourth and final phase involves the person giving back to the community by drawing on their new strengths and abilities.  

Our leading sexually maladaptive behaviors program in Indianapolis provides valuable opportunities for residents to grow through group engagement, one-on-one support, and prosocial activities.

What Happens After Residential Care?

At Resource, our residential programs have an average length of stay of six to nine months. However, the exact length of time a young person spends in our sexually maladaptive behaviors program can depend on their unique needs and therapeutic progress. 

We will begin planning for your loved one’s transition out of residential care on day 1 of their stay at Resource. Our thorough and personalized discharge planning process is designed to create a safety net of support and ongoing care that can help your loved one continue their healing in the ways that are safest and most optimal for them. We may involve a variety of people in the discharge planning process, including family members, identified supports, mentors, a psychiatrist, a family case manager, and other advocates and professionals who may be part of the young person’s care and rehabilitation journey.  

Residents who complete our sexually maladaptive behaviors program may step down to a variety of continuing care services in the community, including individual therapy, family therapy, and wraparound services. 

At Resource, we know that many youths need highly focused support following residential treatment, and we work hard to facilitate continuity of care for each young person in our program. As part of our continuum of care, we’re pleased to offer group home programming for adolescent boys and young men ages 11-20 who have successfully completed a program for sexually harmful behaviors. Our group home programs can help these youths transition back to a caregiver environment, their families, or independent living. 

If your child or loved one has been struggling with sexually maladaptive behaviors, know that effective help and support is available. At Resource, we’re here to provide expert programming and serve as a source of hope for adolescent boys and young men who are working to build brighter futures as healthy, responsible adults.  

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Resource Treatment Center. 

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