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Resource Residential Treatment Facility is located south of the Fountain Square area, a historic neighborhood southeast of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  The facility sits on 9 acres of wooded property, which includes a building originally constructed in 1871 for the housing of Civil War era orphans.  


Resource is a residential facility that serves males and females, ages 8 to 18, whose emotional and/or behavioral impairments have jeopardized the safety and well-being of the child, family, and community.  IQ must be 70 or above to be considered for placement.  Youth referred for services may display or be dealing with one or more of the following issues:

  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Impulse Control
  • Abuse
  • Grief/Loss
  • Substance Abuse
  • Intense Anger
  • Depression/Mania
  • Impaired Social or Interpersonal Skills
  • Inability to function in school or other structured settings


Resource specializes in providing mental health treatment in a setting for males and females The core treatment approach utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy or (CBT) as a key component in programming Youth in the program learn to embrace CBT concepts thus implementing the process into their daily lives.  Their progress is tracked by the youth's ability to achieve clinical objectives in our CBT Phase program: Identify, Connect, Demonstrate, and Contribute.


There are several specialty tracks within the treatment setting:


SHAPE Program - SHAPE serves males, ages 12 18, who are in need of a short-term, highly structured setting but do not have a strong mental health diagnosis.  This program focuses on accountability to self and others A primary goal of this program is to "rechannel" negative and disruptive mindsets to a positive and productive mindset These youth may present a history of ongoing court/probation involvement, failed outpatient or home-based services, no prior residential care, school issues, family conflict, and at times, a history of substance abuse Generally youth in this program have little to no history of residential treatment

COURAGE Program - This unit serves females, ages 12 - 18, who have a significant history of trauma This unit Creates Opportunities Under which Resistant Adolescent Girls Excel These youth display serious emotional and behavioral impairments to include but not limited to oppositional behavior, depression, substance abuse, self-mutilation, aggression, and borderline personality traits COURAGE promotes an atmosphere of recovery and change that assists the girls in developing healthy coping skills


PRTF Program --  (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility units) - These units will serve males and females, ages 11 - 18, who have significant mental health issues and a history of acute care hospitilization, failed out of home placements, as well as significant history of unsuccessful participation in outpatient/home-based conunseling programs Youth admitted into this program must have active Indiana Medicaid and meet specific criteria for entry into the program Continued stay in PRTF is monitored on a montly basis through a certification process with Medicaid



Substance Abuse Program Youth admitted to Resource will receive a substance abuse assessment upon admission as part of the screening process.  Pending the outcome of this assessment, youth in care may participate in one or more of the following treatment modalities that focus on substance abuse and addiction:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Education Group
  • Intensive Substance Abuse
  • After Care Group
  • 12 Step Programming

Cornerstone Community Based Services  This strength based, intensive home-based service assist families in prevention and reunification efforts.  This program provides face-to-face clinical support at the home and in the community, as well as ongoing case management and crisis management to assist with additional familial needs.  This program allows for greater continuity of care, as community based clinical support begins prior to discharge from the facility.  Please contact Resource to determine if this program is available in your area.  


For access to our services, please contact us at 317-783-4003 or 866-780-4811 You may contact us by email as well at info.resource@yfcs.com 

Resource is accredited by The Joint Commission and is licensed by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, Child Welfare Division.